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Membership FAQ’s

A ‘Friend’ will need to pay to attend patient events – how much?

Not yet fixed and depends on venue etc but around £15 pp

A ‘Friend’ will only get a place once the paid members have been

It will be on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you book the more chance you have of securing a place whether a ‘friend or paid member

What about carers, family, friends – will they need to pay for a place?

They will need to be a ‘friend’ and pay £15 (or whatever contribution has been set) or they can be a ‘paid’ member too

Can I defer my place for another year?/event?

No/ depends if other events running ( then yes, within the same year for another event but not for another year)

What do you actually get as a ‘Supporter’? Is it value for money?

Please visit the membership page which has expanded information on each tier.

I get a welcome pack – do I get it each year or just when I sign up?

the welcome pack is a once-off done upon sign up

Membership of Medic Alert – I am already a member, can I still get the discount?

Yes, let us know when your membership us due for renewal and we’ll make sure you get the voucher in time – as long as our voucher is valid for a year this shouldn’t be a problem.*

Membership of Medic Alert – how long will the ‘voucher codes’ be valid for?

Up to one year*

I pay by direct debit, so how will a voucher code work?

We inform Medic Alert*

Can I ‘buy’ a membership for someone?

Of course, just provide their details and we’ll do the rest, you will need to have their permission to share their information with us.

If and my partner… are both ‘paid’ members, we will get 2 x GUCH News, Medic Alert (which might not be relevant for my partner), we can both wear pin badges or have 1 of each (WYHOYS or pin) and a place each at an event.

You will each have your own profile so will each receive your own pack, place and accessories.

Explain more what you get for the ‘Patron’ level

We are still working on this, due to the pandemic physical meetings are not yet possible but the plan is to have a ‘dinner with the docs’ which will involve some of the country’s leading cardiologists coming together with our ‘Patrons’ over dinner and topical discussions; either new advances in CHD medicine, or topics of your choice but we will confirm later in the year.

I am not bothered about a pin badge or a printed GUCH news, what if I don’t want a welcome pack?

Just let us know and we’ll make sure we save on costs! If you don’t require a physical pack we can send the information electronically.

Is there another way I can support the organisation?

Donate, volunteer, fundraise – visit our get involved page to see how you can help us make a difference.

What if I don’t want you to email me?

Part of being a member is receiving our emails. You may unsubscribe at any time  but won’t be able to access our support eg the members area of the website, our wellbeing Counsellor, grants etc. We try to limit emails to essential communications as some information is private (such as your membership number) and must thus be communicated directly through email.

What if you register me but I don’t sign up?

You will remain a ‘friend’ but the information we hold on you will be very limited and we may not be able to count you in our numbers when applying for grants and funding etc. The more we know about you, the better the service we can provide.  It’s quick and easy to sign up and will make it simpler if and when you need our support in difficult times.

What if I don’t want to remain a ‘friend’?

Email us to ‘unsubscribe’ and say you do not want us to retain your information. You will be deleted form our database and will no longer be able to access our support or services

I am on the closed Facebook group but do not want to be a ‘friend’

We are not going to ask you to leave though it would be great if you signed up to be a’ friend’ but you will not be able to access our other services. If you are a Member we can include you in our numbers when applying for grants and funding etc which all helps demonstrate the impact of our work.

Please know we do try to accommodate everyone’s tastes and budget and ensure services are ‘inclusive’ and available to everyone whether a ‘Friend’, ‘Supporter’ or ‘Patron’ whilst also trying to bring in a small amount of regular income. None of the services/support you currently receive will change as long as you remain a member.

If you have any other questions on membership, please do get in touch with us.